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New Beginnings!

We’re so excited we just had to share immediately! Our team is expanding so expect more content…but on our YouTube channel.


Don’t worry we’re still keeping the site up for that written content. Just expect new videos from the channel to be shared here also.

Case of the Mondays – Do you have Bitchy Resting Face?

Women who have had this condition for many years often encounter individuals who feel it’s their prerogative to tell them to smile which prompts the switch from BRF to intentional BF.
Word of advice to those individuals: instead of telling a BRF sufferer to smile you should smile politely and keep your comments to yourself for everyone’s combined wellness and best interests.

Signed Ms. ME – a lifetime BRF sufferer

Things you really shouldn’t do in the gym if results are your thing…..

Straight Talking Fitness

Gym going is an investment of time. You’re committed and pretty dedicated. I’m not referring to the casual, “I’ll go if I fancy it” once a month attendee. No, I want to talk about those we see day in, day out.

What really saddens me is that’s the toughest part for most; getting a foot in the door! That dedication and consistency (as above) of showing up at regular times, no matter what.

I’m a big believer in justice and its presence in our world. I really do think, 9 times out of 10, life rewards the ‘tryers’. And when the tryers aren’t rewarded, it’s usually because they thought they’d had their last spin of the dice when in fact, they had one more go that would’ve led them to glory.

In short, they were unable to overcome a sticking point. In every endeavour we attempt, a sticking point lies…

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