About & Disclaimer

My alias: Ms. ME

My mission: To find and pursue all things that will nourish my soul and share them on this site with the hope that it will inspire and/or help others do the same.

My strategy: I will strive to follow the blogging principles written in this well-written post by Steve Pavlina, not with the goal of creating a high traffic site but because 99% of it falls in line with the my own beliefs. I’m looking to rebuild a new blog to serve as the online voice of my growing business and further develop the brand.

My background: Cosmetologist/Entrepreneur since 2002, Student of Finance with a B.S. in Business Administration, Educator, Writer. Here are the past incarnations of this site and my earlier writings (1) (2)

Randomness: I enjoy sci-fi, music, traveling, drinking, technology, fashion, saving money (and making it but who doesn’t) and sports but not necessarily in that order.


All references to products and their efficacy (or lack thereof) are based on my professional & personal opinion and the personal experiences of my clients. While in the past I did retail Avon and Mary Kay products, I receive no remuneration for positive mentions of other products. If I do receive a free sample or some other form of compensation in the future it will be publicly stated.

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