ECV is the flexible part of our business’ name so you’ll see it mean different things as we give you no filters advice on fashion, fitness (physical & financial) and health. We also highlight the people, businesses, and things that can help you achieve the level of wellness you desire.


Stay Up to Date
Since at times a lot of research goes into our articles and some of them take a long time to write, our posting schedule tends to be a bit sporadic.

Rather than check back here for new posts, just sign up to the email list below and new articles will be delivered directly to your inbox as soon as they are published.


Comment Policy
While we enjoy conversing with you (after all the comment prompt is “Talk Back to ME”), we do ask that you stay away from a few things.

  • 1 and 2 word comments. We want to know what you find cool, love, or hate and exactly why you feel the way you do.
  • Shameless self-promotion. We don’t mind self-promotion but please make sure you do speak to the topic before plugging yourself.
  • Personal comments about staff members or inflammatory or offensive comments.

We hope you’ll appreciate and stand by these guidelines to keep ECV Talks a place that everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves.

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