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Train, Eat, Rest, Repeat…Characteristics of Naturally Fit People – Are you one of them?

5 Points I already live by to stay fit. Try them, they work. 🙂

Get Fit and Make Money – A DYJKTH Interview

If you’ve been reading the Divorce Your Job & Keep the House series, you know we’re still on the topic of sales as an extra revenue stream. Below is an interview with Khalif Croom, who’s side gig is fitness related.

Ms. ME: What’s your new business endeavor about?

Khalif Croom: I’m an Executive Promoter for Body by Vi from Visalus. We offer a protein-enriched meal replacements, cereal, and cookies. We also help fight obesity in the community.

Ms. ME: Tell me more about these meal replacements.

KC: There is a protein drink for after you workout. It has more vitamins per serving than other products on the market.

Ms. ME: What if I don’t workout regularly or at all? Would the product still help me?

KC: Yes, it still works as a meal replacement and vitamin supplement, giving the body all the vitamins it needs.

Ms. ME: Ok, so how do you all fix obesity in the community?

KC: For everyone who uses the product and shows a before & after picture of losing 10 pounds in 90 days, Project Kids sends 30 healthy meals to charities to aid in fighting obesity.

Ms. ME: So how can people contact you to get the products?

KC: They can visit my website

Ms. ME: And for my readers who are looking for an extra revenue stream, how can they find out more about Visalus and joining your team?

KC: They can view the presentations at

The next DYJKTH post (coming soon) will have more tips for sales.

Women’s Secret to Fine Arms – Shoulder Exercise

Enjoy this post on shoulder exercises as the weekly fitness post for last week!
Yes, I know I’m behind schedule. 🙂

Ms. ME


Women's Secret to Fine Arms - Shoulder Exercise Women’s Secret to Fine Arms – Shoulder Exercise

Many people thinking that shoulder exercise is only for men but it’s not the truth because women also do shoulder workout. Region behind shoulder workouts is the shoulders become more defined resulting to the arms that are better looking for women. In excess of that, well-exercised shoulders help women to do their chores better because of their stronger bearing.

The bend shoulders that most women dislike are frequently because of the lack of shoulder work out. However, bear in mind that shoulders are fragile and very prone to damage so it is vital to know your own ability and at the same time prepare with proper care. If you not care injured shoulders that would create difficulties from doing our daily chores.

With well-curved shoulders, women can really wear everything they wish particularly those that naked more of their arm skin such…

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My most useful fitness related tools.

This is from one of my Fitocrat buddies.

Sudden Realisation

Over the recent couple of years I’ve gotten into fitness and although it’s not been easy, these free tools have helped me get closer to achieving my fitness related goals. If you’re like me, you’ll probably want to bookmark these for later.

The /fit/ Wiki

The /fit/ wiki is full of everything you could ever need to know. The /fit/ wiki is full of everything you need to know, backed up by science.

If you want to know all you need to know in one place, some people from 4chans /fit/ board have created a wiki containing a treasure trove of everything you need to know, and they cater to whatever goal you might have.

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Weekly Beauty Tip – Week 2: Sugar Body Scrubs

It is full blown winter all across the US this week.  Earlier this week the polar vortex sent freezing temps even into Florida.  Sunday the local temperature topped out in the 70s and by Monday afternoon it had fallen 30 degrees.  Regardless of where you are, this frigid winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin.  Not to mention the hot showers, which honestly even though we know it’s bad for our skin who is really going to give them up?  So this week’s tip is an at-home treatment to loosen those dry, dead skin cells and take your skin back to feeling baby soft.

Body Buffer
Dip half a grapefruit in sugar and gently scrub over clean body. Do not use over freshly shaved legs.  Shower off, then moisturize.

I personally like to do the whole exfoliating process in the shower. You can also use an orange if you don’t like grapefruit.


The nice thing about this at-home treatment is this is the season for grapefruit here in Florida so trying this is an Value exfoliant. Right now grapefruit are about $4 for a 5-lb bag or free if you know someone with a bumper crop of grapefruit from the tree in their yard like I do. So that’s between $0 – $0.50 for a grapefruit and 1/4 cup of sugar out of your cupboard for an at-home body scrub.

The C2 option (common commercial) is a body scrub that can run you about $10  from Victoria Secret’s or Bath and Body Works. The nice part is you do get whatever scent you prefer as opposed to just a citrus scent.

The Extrav options can cost up to $28 for a sugar scrub exfoliant that contains  essential oils, vitamins and other ingredients that combine the physical exfoliation with a low-level chemical exfoliation through the use of various acids (i.e. salicylic, lactic, etc.).

Another suggestion for added skin health that I heard from one of those doctors with a TV show was to take 500 mg of evening primrose oil daily.  I’ve been taking it for about 25 days now.  I forgot to take a photo of my skin before starting but I will say I don’t see any increase in this mysterious skin condition that’s been stripping me of my pigmentation.

And no, I don’t have vitiligo. The dermatologist and my doctor were able to rule that out.