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Summer beauty Tips 2021

Meteorological summer has officially begun! Although for parts of the US it’s felt like summer for a while now. Here are some tips to keep you at full head-to-toe glam for the entire hot girl summer.

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Starting with the top of your head, get a  stylish ūüĎí or visor for added sun protection. Take it up a notch by getting one that has built in UPF protection.

Shades are more than just glam wear. They protect your vision because your eyes, like your skin, is sensitive to UV rays. So go ahead and splurge on some new ones; it’s for your health. ūüėé

Saving Face, literally

Switch to a mattifying gel-based facial cleanser to keep oil-prone areas in check. Follow up cleansing with a toner to unclog pores and also help with oil absorption.

YRT (year-round tip): Continue to use moisturizer despite the humid weather. Your skin needs hydration year-round to stay healthy and skipping moisturizer might lead your skin to overproduce the very oil we helped you get a handle on in the last tip.

Smooth flaky, chapped lips by using this Satin Lips Shea sugar scrub. Leave on for a minute and then remove by gently rubbing a warm wet washcloth over your lips.

Keep your lips looking luscious in the summer heat with great lip color that comes with SPF 15. Your lips have some of the thinnest most fragile skin on your body so you definitely don’t want to forget to protect them from the sun.


If you have a fair complexion, during the wear-less season, hide pale skin with a fake tan. While it may be tempting to get a real tan catching some summer rays at the beach or poolside, remember the skin damage it can cause. That damage is cumulative and can end up costing you dearly later. Before you apply the self-tanner, make sure to use an exfoliating powder or scrub and shave¬†for more even results.¬†Apply sparingly to elbows, knees, ankles & around your hairline to avoid dark patches. After it’s on, don’t forget to wash your hands with lukewarm, soapy water to¬†avoid any¬†tell-tale orange palms.

YRT:  Use sunblock with at least an SPF of 15. Sistahs, you too; our black girl magic (aka melanin) will not keep us from suffering damage although it may not be as noticeable. As was stated earlier, every second of sun exposure adds up even on those cloudy days when you can’t see the sun. It’s still up there so wear sunblock every day, even once summer ends.

If you’re going to be outside most of the day taking advantage of every possible moment of the summer, don’t forget to reapply that sunblock every two hours. Reapply it more often if you’re being extremely active (think hiking or exercising) or at high altitudes, where the sun is stronger.

Pre-hike, or any outdoor activity in the humid southern USA, dust your skin with cornstarch powder to help stay dry. Try using a scented powder to save a step of applying a fragrance and get to the fun quicker.

Hot weather intensifies fragrances so switch to a lighter, more airy scent that way your scent doesn’t overpower you or someone else in the summer heat. And don’t forget your body-cleansing towelettes and purse spray to freshen up on the go.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated!


The best shape for nails is round during the summer when you’ll be more active. Also give your nails a break from polish for a few days at a time to keep them healthy.

When you are wearing polish, go for strong, jewel-tones or neon brights. Prevent your polish from turning yellow & chipping with a UV-protective top coat.

Keep a pumice stone or foot file in the shower to smooth dry, rough feet. We have found a pumice stone is more effective than a foot file in terms of it’s sandal-worthy effect on feet and the life span of the stone. Just be sure to rinse and dry it thoroughly after each use.

Speaking of sandals, have you seen the designs on the unofficial state shoe of Florida aka the flip flop at The Cozy Spot lately? If not, check them out.

Can you find the state of Florida?

At the end of a long day out and about soak hot, stinky feet in a big bowl of water and citrus fruit slices. If you know you’re prone to smelly feet, start the day by using¬†some antiperspirant or a deodorizing spray on your feet.

What beauty tips do you swear by during the summer? Comment below ūüĎá

Artwork by ASP – 10

Betty Boop


This was drawn by the artist for her cousin once removed who loves Betty Boop along with a sweet, personal note that’s been removed for this post. The recipient¬†has an assortment of Betty Boop items (a jacket, earrings, purse, etc) but likely doesn’t have this watch. We’ll have to send her one to add to her collection.

Betty Boop watch

If you’d like this watch or other Betty Boop items for someone you know who loves Betty Boop, click here.

Fall is in the Air

Thanks Natalia for another great post!

Yellow is the color I love seeing in clothing this season but unfortunately have recently realized that my yellow sweater is no longer in my collection. (wonder when that happened?) But the goldenrod dress she’s wearing is a definite fashion must have.

Curious Natalia


By far, this has been my favorite pictures I have ever taken! For two reasons… First, look at the threes and the leaves. It’s starting to look a lot like fall here in Florida… finally!  I love the colors, the air and the beautiful sceneries.  This is why I love this pictures so much!  The second reason I love this pictures is this gorgeous Kling dress I got from Ruche!  Every detail, the quality, the collar, the color, everything about this dress is perfect.  I found this brand thanks to Ruche and now I want everything from them.  I might be looking over another dress from Kling….

Anyways, I feel Christmas is coming soon, my favorite holiday of the year!

Happy fall!




dress & bag: Ruche

shoes: Swedish Hasbeens


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Clean Your Stinky Head Scarf…and other things – Part 4

And now the conclusion of the series…


We’ve addressed the head scarves, the combs and brushes, and makeup tools.¬† Now let’s cover the last items on the original¬†list.

  • Nail clippers, tweezers and other metal tools

Begin by cleaning the item with soap & water or any cleaner you prefer but make sure you dry it thoroughly.  Drying thoroughly is essential to avoid rusting and the dulling of any sharp edges.


For that extra level of clean called disinfected, you can soak the items in rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol for about 10 minutes.¬† This is fine if you’re cleaning your personal items (no sharing allowed) at home but by salon standards only 99% isopropyl alcohol is definitively effective.¬† The alcohol in my medicine cabinet is only 91%.¬† Once the items come out of their alcohol bath, again it’s highly important to completely dry them with a clean paper towel.


  • Glasses

If you worn prescription glasses for any length of time, I’m sure you’re aware of the special “glasses cleaners” and “cleaning cloths” out there.¬†¬†These are typically designed for your lenses but leave much to be desired in cleaning the frames (you know the part that touches your face and the part your hands, which touch everything, grab to put on or take off your glasses).


We last year while getting my daughter her first pair of glasses, the optometrist gave us this wonderful tip for keeping them clean.  Forget all of the cleaners and special cloths.  If you want to keep any type of glasses (prescription or sun) clean, wash and dry them like you would your hands.  Liquid antibacterial hand soap and warm water on every part of your glasses (lenses and frames) and then dry with a clean low-lint paper towel.  So no more getting talked into buying all those extras for cleaning by the vendor in the mall, flea market, or a shady optometrist.



  • Pillowcases


These should be laundered weekly at least just like the head scarf. ¬†Do it more often than that if you’re able because who wants the different items you may be putting in your hair clogging the pores on your face.


  • Cell Phones

My favorite thing to clean a cell phone with:  baby wipes.  For that extra level of clean, I occasionally use any disinfectant wipe that I have handy.  However, the nice thing about using baby wipes is that you can use one for your phone and another for your hands.  


In closing, remember that keeping it clean often equates to staying physically well.


ECV – Promoting Total Wellness

Clean Your Stinky Head Scarf…and other things – Part 2

Two weeks ago in part 1 we listed the beauty and other items you should clean at least weekly and promised a more detailed breakdown.  Going back to the main item on the list, the head scarf just toss that thing in the washing machine then dryer once a week and you should be good to go.


Combs and Brushes


Very often we’ve noticed ladies that have combs and bushes that appear to have¬†never¬†been cleaned…SCARY!¬† We’ve seen young and old drop their hair tools on the floor and simply pick it up and start using it again…SUPER SCARY!

At least once a week you should take your combs and brushes and wash them in hot water using some antibacterial soap.  For your brushes if you want to be a cleaning superstar, check with your local beauty supply store for some brush cleaner.  This will remove those strands of hair that always seem to be lodged in your brush despite your best efforts to get rid of them.

If you drop your comb or brush while styling your hair go ahead and wash it immediately and dry it off with your hair dryer just to be safe.  You never know what nasty little buggers may be lurking just waiting to attack your precious scalp and hair follicles.

Cartoon germ courtesy of J_Alves

Check this prior post¬†for things to look for at your favorite salon to make sure they’re not passing on someone else hair strands and hair problems via unclean combs and brushes!