Clean Your Stinky Head Scarf…and other things – Part 4

And now the conclusion of the series…


We’ve addressed the head scarves, the combs and brushes, and makeup tools.  Now let’s cover the last items on the original list.

  • Nail clippers, tweezers and other metal tools

Begin by cleaning the item with soap & water or any cleaner you prefer but make sure you dry it thoroughly.  Drying thoroughly is essential to avoid rusting and the dulling of any sharp edges.


For that extra level of clean called disinfected, you can soak the items in rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol for about 10 minutes.  This is fine if you’re cleaning your personal items (no sharing allowed) at home but by salon standards only 99% isopropyl alcohol is definitively effective.  The alcohol in my medicine cabinet is only 91%.  Once the items come out of their alcohol bath, again it’s highly important to completely dry them with a clean paper towel.


  • Glasses

If you worn prescription glasses for any length of time, I’m sure you’re aware of the special “glasses cleaners” and “cleaning cloths” out there.  These are typically designed for your lenses but leave much to be desired in cleaning the frames (you know the part that touches your face and the part your hands, which touch everything, grab to put on or take off your glasses).


We last year while getting my daughter her first pair of glasses, the optometrist gave us this wonderful tip for keeping them clean.  Forget all of the cleaners and special cloths.  If you want to keep any type of glasses (prescription or sun) clean, wash and dry them like you would your hands.  Liquid antibacterial hand soap and warm water on every part of your glasses (lenses and frames) and then dry with a clean low-lint paper towel.  So no more getting talked into buying all those extras for cleaning by the vendor in the mall, flea market, or a shady optometrist.



  • Pillowcases


These should be laundered weekly at least just like the head scarf.  Do it more often than that if you’re able because who wants the different items you may be putting in your hair clogging the pores on your face.


  • Cell Phones

My favorite thing to clean a cell phone with:  baby wipes.  For that extra level of clean, I occasionally use any disinfectant wipe that I have handy.  However, the nice thing about using baby wipes is that you can use one for your phone and another for your hands.  


In closing, remember that keeping it clean often equates to staying physically well.


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