Clean Your Stinky Head Scarf…and other things – Part 2

Two weeks ago in part 1 we listed the beauty and other items you should clean at least weekly and promised a more detailed breakdown.  Going back to the main item on the list, the head scarf just toss that thing in the washing machine then dryer once a week and you should be good to go.


Combs and Brushes


Very often we’ve noticed ladies that have combs and bushes that appear to have never been cleaned…SCARY!  We’ve seen young and old drop their hair tools on the floor and simply pick it up and start using it again…SUPER SCARY!

At least once a week you should take your combs and brushes and wash them in hot water using some antibacterial soap.  For your brushes if you want to be a cleaning superstar, check with your local beauty supply store for some brush cleaner.  This will remove those strands of hair that always seem to be lodged in your brush despite your best efforts to get rid of them.

If you drop your comb or brush while styling your hair go ahead and wash it immediately and dry it off with your hair dryer just to be safe.  You never know what nasty little buggers may be lurking just waiting to attack your precious scalp and hair follicles.

Cartoon germ courtesy of J_Alves

Check this prior post for things to look for at your favorite salon to make sure they’re not passing on someone else hair strands and hair problems via unclean combs and brushes!

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