Case of the Mondays – Do you have Bitchy Resting Face?

Women who have had this condition for many years often encounter individuals who feel it’s their prerogative to tell them to smile which prompts the switch from BRF to intentional BF.
Word of advice to those individuals: instead of telling a BRF sufferer to smile you should smile politely and keep your comments to yourself for everyone’s combined wellness and best interests.

Signed Ms. ME – a lifetime BRF sufferer


What is Bitchy Resting Face?Urban Dictionarydescribes it as a bitchy alternative to the usual blank look most people have. This is a condition affecting the facial muscles, suffered by millions of women worldwide. People suffering from bitchy resting face (BRF) have the tendency look hostile and/or judgemental at rest. Their expression does not necessarily reflect how they are feeling inside. BRF can ruin friendships and first impressions, start fights and kill an atmosphere.

“I think Deborah hates me!!”, “Nah don’t worry Susie, she just has a nasty bitchy resting face”

“That customer just lectured me on customer service and threatened to take her business elsewhere! What did I do wrong?” “Prob just your BRF”.



I am an L.A. native who has been practicing yoga for almost ten years.  I teach all types of yoga including but not limited to; vinyasa, power, yin, restorative…

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