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Train, Eat, Rest, Repeat…Characteristics of Naturally Fit People – Are you one of them?

5 Points I already live by to stay fit. Try them, they work. 🙂

Weekly Beauty Tip #7 – Picking a Good Salon

You’re visiting or move to a new city and need a new hair or nail salon or risk  starting Hair-mageddon or Nail-pocalyse. You get a suggestion from someone and try it out only to end up in a horror story. How many times has this happened to you?


Being a semi-retired cosmetologist, this rarely has happened to me. But earlier this month I failed to follow my own rules for picking a good salon and ending up paying the price in more ways than one.  So as a reminder to self and to help the loyal ECV Talks readers, this week’s beauty tip consists of those rules. Continue reading Weekly Beauty Tip #7 – Picking a Good Salon

First time at Paint Nite

Well this is turning into one artistic week. First, One Spark ending on Sunday. Tonight was Paint Nite. Our instructor Joy was a part of One Spark and her art is still showing on Adams Street in downtown Jacksonville (she’s living in a store front).

Paint Nite is a recurring event where you paint a preselected picture that happens  at different local venues. Tonight’s picture was called Birdies. After painting the background I had this:


Still a little unhappy with the sun in the final version below. What do you think of my first painting in some years?