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The next time I say…

The next time I say I’m sticking to my posting schedule I need to be reminded to check my calendar first.

How dare I say I’m going to post when I knew I had meetings back to back, followed by a trip to the Bahamas, followed by more back to back meetings upon my return. This is honestly the first chance I’ve gotten to sit for any period and type up a fresh post for you guys.

My sincerest apologies.

The next time I say something I will mean it and follow through.

What does ECV mean anyways?

I wish there was some profound story behind the name ECV Talks. But here it is, as simple as it may be…

ECV logo4avon

I’ve been trying to define and build my “brand” since before it became a common thing to hear about. As soon as I realized my dream was to be a music mogul sometime in elementary school I started trying to come up with a suitable stage name. Record label and business names soon followed.

For some reason in the late nighties I got hooked on alliteration so my name ideas tended to be different words all leading to the abbreviation SSS. However after some feedback from my coworkers while in the property insurance field I changed to E-Class Ventures (the E being my last name). That however is a mouthful to say that eventually got shortened to ECV.  My friend @ABrownAround suggested ECV Talks when I relaunched my blog here on WordPress December 2013. Now occasionally I may use the letters for special events to mean something else like in this post for example.

So that’s the story in a nutshell. How did you come up with the name for your blog, website, or brand?