2017 Wine, Women & Wealth kickoff

What to say about the first Wine,  Women & Wealth of 2017? Simply put you had to be there or have tuned in during our broadcast.

While this month’s recap will by no means cover everything (because there was just too much covered for me to type here) something is better than nothing. The theme was creating a financial vision and the steps to achieve it. So often people’s dreams are limited by their money, be it a lack of money or not really taking where it goes from month to month. Several studies show that a majority of households in this country live paycheck to paycheck. [Bankrate, Federal Reserve]

After the food, wine & networking the seminar officially began with an audience poll of five questions related to your financial vision and literacy. Then the difference between vision, goal, and plan were discussed followed by the steps to creating each. For one-on-one help creating any of those please consult your financial professional. If they don’t offer this assistance or try to charge for it, please contact me for a free financial vision planning session.

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