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Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

For a few  years now I’ve heard about this place but never actually went. Maybe because it’s on the other side of town and I tend to be a lazy slob when it comes to driving across the county. Strange because I just drove to VA and back. Maybe that’s why I stopped coming up with excuses and went Saturday night.

If I wanted an excuse to not go, I could have easily used the cage escape by a lioness at a similar facility in Spring Hill Friday that someone so thoughtfully sent me a text about. But I didn’t even though I was going at night.

The Catty Shack Ranch is home to a lot of big cats, such as multiple tigers, black panthers, cougars, and lions. This is a picture of one of the first tigers you see when you enter.

She’s too busy playing with a bowling ball and her Christmas tree to turn around for the cameras.
One of the many cougars at the ranch. She posed the best! 🙂

Tiger “cub” Monterey – He is one of a litter of three that came at the beginning of 2013. I really wish I had visited then when the volunteers could still get closer to them.  At any rate Monterey is camera friendly.

Hoped to get a good roar out of one of the lions but the best we got has that guttural grunt half roar when they’re defensively hovering over a kill (chicken quarters in this case). Has anyone else ever visited this or another wildlife sanctuary and had anything exciting happen?