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Artwork by ASP – 5

Thanks to my friend Jessica (pictured below) the aspiring artist and unpaid intern is now hooked on Sailor Moon.


So the majority of the artwork lately had been Sailor Moon characters. If you’re not familiar with it, Sailor Moon is a Japanese anime show from the mid 90s that ran new shows in the US until 2000. It’s set to be rented next month in July 5th.

Here are two drawings by ASP, one of the titular character and another of Sailor Mars.

Sailor Mars
Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon fans what is it about this show that made you love it so much? Talk back to us.

Artwork by ASP – 4

Despite setting a post schedule in Blogging 201, we’re still behind here. This artwork should have been posted yesterday.

This week we have two more entries from our aspiring artist ASP. These were requested as possible header backgrounds for our Facebook and Twitter pages. Tell us which you prefer.

Option 1
Option 1
Header option 2
Option 2

Of course they still have to be colored before final use.

Need Another “Celebration”? Try this…

Yesterday was the beginning of National Karaoke Week. And while Ms. ME should be out at Harmonious Monks belting out “Celebration” or a song from the Top 40 Karaoke Songs listed by Rob Fee, she’s here making sure every reader knows about this holiday.

We’ll be tweeting songs of the day and ideas for how to celebrate all week so make sure to follow us on Twitter @MsME4ECV. You can also check out the article, How to celebrate National Karaoke Week.

Today’s song of the day is 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton. Appropriate for a Monday following a holiday weekend because who really wants to go back to their 9-to-5. But cheer up and feel well because Friday will be here soon.

First time at Paint Nite

Well this is turning into one artistic week. First, One Spark ending on Sunday. Tonight was Paint Nite. Our instructor Joy was a part of One Spark and her art is still showing on Adams Street in downtown Jacksonville (she’s living in a store front).

Paint Nite is a recurring event where you paint a preselected picture that happens  at different local venues. Tonight’s picture was called Birdies. After painting the background I had this:


Still a little unhappy with the sun in the final version below. What do you think of my first painting in some years?


Inspiration at One Spark

I went to One Spark looking for inspiration on Friday. I saw a lot of interesting projects, like the grocery courier or the event planning app.

But it wasn’t until Saturday that I came across something that inspired me. Took a while to find and got to see some interesting things before finding it like this

There are people with the goal of reviving the film industry in this city of which I’m currently a resident. At the end of the trailer for the film (which was completely made locally using local actors & looks really good by the way) I noticed the music the director/producer used was by Lenny Kravitz. With my recent commitment to having less of a filter and being my authentic self I blurted out, “We have plenty of local artists. Why not use one of them?”

This led to a conversation that ended in them encouraging me to pursue my long deferred dream of singing and songwriting. We’ll see…