You’re All Invited!

You’ve been following the blog for a while now, some of you since we moved to this platform back in 2013. You’ve see how our focus on overall wellness has from the beginning included being able to enjoy what you do for a living. So do any of these comments from people we’ve interviewed sound like something you’ve said?

  • “I love what I do but I hate the work environment. I wish I could change things/was running things.”
  • “I don’t have the money 💰 or the time ⏳ to start my own business.”
  • “I’m afraid of failing if I start my own business. What if no one supports me?” 😨
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We’re hosting a LIVE masterclass this Sunday, January 9th where we’re going to address each of these perceived obstacles to entrepreneurship and help you create a plan to overcome them. Interested?

The objective of the class?
      + Teach you what you need to have to smoothly transition from employee to Entrepreneur.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
     + What everyone needs to know when deciding whether to become a business owner
     + What it takes to maintain the entrepreneur lifestyle
     + What should be part of your plan E (no, I’m not talking about a business plan)

Why are we doing a Masterclass?
     + Because classes change lives. Seriously.

Our blog posts, videos and social media feeds provide INFORMATION only. But here at ECV Talks we know that EXECUTION creates value. And after a decade as an educator, Ms. ME knows how to provide you with that critical support throughout the process of creating & executing your Plan ‘E’.

Join her on this FREE Masterclass, and see what being an entrepreneur can look like for you. You’ll also get our Entrepreneur starter pack FREE just for attending!

Now is the time to stop wondering, stop wishing and go ahead and take the leap. Level up that side hustle or start that dream business!

Wishing you wellness!

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