What’s Your Why

So you’ve visited and/or liked our previous blog posts about divorcing your job, starting a side hustle, or escaping to entrepreneurship. And now you’re about to finally take the leap.


But before you leap, you need to take a hardcore look at what is your real reason for doing so. Are you only doing it because you want to make money or is it because whatever you’re beginning is your passion? Do you wake up in the morning excited and energized when you think about your new endeavor because it speaks to who you are as a person or because it’s something new and different?

What’s going to keep you motivated when that shiny new car appeal of your new activity wears off and reality starts sinking in that everyday isn’t going to be flowers and kittens. Things will go wrong. Deals will fall apart. Customers and clients will be disappointments. Suppliers won’t come through as promised. Friends and family won’t support you despite you having done so for them.

This is where knowing your REAL why comes into play. It’s that why that will keep you going when the rough times come. If you need help discovering yours, we invite you to register for our upcoming free Entrepreneurship class on February 13th, the 1st day of National Entrepreneurship Week.

>>Register here<<

This is the first of only two sessions that we’re offering of this class for all of 2021, so you don’t want to miss it.

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