We’re Back! ☺

So do you ever have one of those weeks where everything goes wrong and it messes up your whole season?

You know the kind: come home from a business trip sick with appointments scheduled back to back. Then you drop your phone on a Sunday evening right after the repair places close. You get another phone and in between fighting your summer cold for the next 2 weeks and meeting with clients you try to install all of your apps. Eventually you discover you didn’t fully set up your assistant on the blog, your new phone doesn’t always get all of your incoming texts and you’re locked out because God only knows where those back up codes are. (Really if you know where yours are feel free to brag in the comments because you’re special.)

So months later after that and other drama which won’t be mentioned here, we are back! To the blogs we frequently read, comment and reblog, expect an overflow of activity.

Talk back to me...

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