Weekly Beauty Tip #8 – Foundation Basics

Any skin can look like great skin with the right foundation. In fact it’s the last step in protecting your skin from the harsh world out there.

  1. Find the right color. Smear a stripe on your jaw line, step outside and peer into a compact mirror-if the color looks right in daylight, it’ll look right anywhere.
  2. Smooth your skin. Moisturize and wait five minutes before applying foundation to get rid of flakes. Use foundation primer.
  3. Use four dots of foundation. Apply a dot on each cheek, one on your forehead and the lady one on your chin. Then spread in upward and outward strokes. Make sure to blend, blend, blend. Streaks are never cute.
  4. Powder up. Apply loose, translucent powder to your forehead, nose and chin – oil-magnet areas.
  5. Spritz on water. Misting makes foundation look ultra natural. Hold the bottle at least a foot and a half from your face and you won’t wind up feeling wet. Or alternatively use a setting spray for a dual use product. We mentioned earlier how we love Victoria Secret’s setting spray. Check back later for our review of Avon’s new spray.

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