Inspiration at One Spark

I went to One Spark looking for inspiration on Friday. I saw a lot of interesting projects, like the grocery courier or the event planning app.

But it wasn’t until Saturday that I came across something that inspired me. Took a while to find and got to see some interesting things before finding it like this

There are people with the goal of reviving the film industry in this city of which I’m currently a resident. At the end of the trailer for the film (which was completely made locally using local actors & looks really good by the way) I noticed the music the director/producer used was by Lenny Kravitz. With my recent commitment to having less of a filter and being my authentic self I blurted out, “We have plenty of local artists. Why not use one of them?”

This led to a conversation that ended in them encouraging me to pursue my long deferred dream of singing and songwriting. We’ll see…

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